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Primary Assistant Teacher DPE Viva Exam Date 2020

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Primary Assistant Teacher DPE Viva Exam Date 2020. Primary viva date has been announced on primary school teacher viva exam date related website dpe.gov.bd. So today we discuss about primary viva related all information.

Primary Assistant Teacher DPE Viva Date 2020

This year, the appointment of assistant teacher of primary school was conducted in 4 steps. The first phase was held on May 24, the second phase was held on May 31, the third phase was held on June 21 and the fourth phase exam was held on June 28. The notification for the appointment of teachers was published on July 30 last year. In the context of which, the application process runs from 1 to 30 August. As many as 24 lakh 5 candidates took the recruitment test against the 12,000 seats. As such, there are 2020 candidates contested in each seat. So who are are selected they are waiting for Primary viva exam date.

Primary Assistant Teacher written result Published

The results of the written examination of the appointment of assistant teachers of the Government Primary School were released on Sunday evening, September 15. According to the result, a total of 55,295 passed the written test. The total number of candidates applied for the Primary Teacher Appointment Test this year was 24 lakhs 5 candidates. The results were published by the Directorate of Primary Education. Passed candidates will then have to take part in the oral examination.

Candidates who have passed the examination will have to collect the admit card by submitting the written examination and other necessary papers by , 2020 at the Primary Education Office of their respective district.

Primary Viva Exam Date

Primary Viva date 2020  (Oral Examination) of ‘Assistant Teacher Recruitment 202018’ in the Revenue Sector of the Government Primary School will start from the selected date by the DPE authority. When they declare the viva exam date you will know by our website: www.bdcircularzone.com . A separate ‘viva committee’ has been set up in the district for the appointment of assistant teachers in sixty one districts.

Primary Teacher Viva Exam Date 2020

Viva Exam Start:

Viva Exam End:

Primary Viva Result: 1

A committee of three members was formed for each of the deputy commissioners. All the candidates will be notified DPE viva date via SMS on mobile. There will be a brother at number 2020. Of them, number 5 will be given in the academic certificate, and the rest 15 numbers of the committee members will be evaluated.

During this period, the rest of the three districts (three hill regions) will be operated locally. The recruitment program will be completed by October, with final results released within two months of taking the sibling.

Primary School Job Salary

After successfully crossing the viva and to get appointment in your hand you have to know the salary. The leaders of the Grand Alliance urged the government to upgrade assistant teachers to the 11th grade, with a basic salary of Tk 12,500. Currently, they are placed in the 14th grade, with a basic salary of Tk 9,500. There are about 350,000 assistant primary teachers across Bangladesh.

Preparation for Primary teacher Viva Exam

Primary school teacher recruitment test brother. Although many are not afraid of written Exam, there is no limit for fear of Viva Exam. Many people, despite good preparation, cannot succeed because of misrepresentation. Some discussion of the matter today:

 Primary Viva test Attire

At least half an hour before the start of the test day, the Viva board must appear. Clothing should be clean, decent and elegant.

How to present yourself

You need to be refreshed and strong during brotherhood. You need to be careful that you do not have any fatigue symptoms. Say hello to the interview board. Do not sit without permission after entering. After getting on the vibe board, try to adapt yourself to the environment there. Don’t try to prove yourself smarter. However, do not act like a fool.

Things to know about

There is no specific syllabus for oral examination. Therefore, there is no opportunity to specify what kind of questions will be asked in this exam. This test mainly examines the things that have happened recently and how your knowledge is present. Be prepared mentally for the oral examination as much as possible.

 How to answer the question

In the Primary Viva examination, all the questions you will know but not all. If you do not know the answer, do not make the guess or guess directly, the answer is not known. It is better to say ‘not know’ than to make mistakes by making or guessing.

The language of the answer

Many people think that answering questions in English is a sign of smartness. But that is not always the case. If the questioner asks a question in Bangla, it is advisable to answer in Bangla. If you have questions in English, please answer in English.

 Avoid irrelevance

Tell them what you are asked for in the oral examination. Don’t talk about unnecessary and irrelevant issues. The questions that will be asked on the Viva Board will only be answered. And try to answer all the questions with a smile.

Viva examination deadline

Viva exams can last from two minutes to 2020 minutes. You need to be mentally prepared for this. Do not be afraid to ask questions for longer; rather, take it for granted, they are emphasizing you and verifying that you feel qualified for the job. However, it has been seen that many people did not get jobs even after keeping 2020 minutes, while two or three minutes were also on the board.

NB: Various publications are available in the market for the preparation of recruitment examinations. These books can be helpful. In the Viva examination, the candidate is asked about himself, the subject of the study and his district. Questions may also be asked of common sense.

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