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PKB Senior Officer General Question Solution 2021

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Probashi Kallyan Bank Senior Officer General Question Solution 2021: PKB Senior Officer General MCQ Question Solution 2021  is available on our website. Probashi Kallyan Bank (PKB) Exam Question Solution 2021 is a very demandable topic right now. If you are interested to get the PKB Senior Officer General question solution, read our post.

Probashi Kallyan Bank Senior Officer General Question Solution 2021

At present time bank job exam is very challenging in our country. Most of the questions become very hard so the examination has to take hard preparation. Without hard preparation, there is no possibility to allow in the exam. After controlling the corona situation most of the banks started to take the job exam. With that bank Probashi Kallyan Bank will take the exam on 9th October 2021 for the post of officer cash. If you want the mcq question solve, you can see in this Probashi Kallyan Bank Senior Officer General Question Solution 2021.

Now, after the exam, the participant searches the question solution on the internet. And it is becoming very popular matter in this time. As it has special demand, we arrange this post. Below you will get all the important details getting the officer cash question answer and pkb officer cash previous question bank, pkb qestion bank.

Exam Timeline

  • Organization: Probashi Kallyan Bank
  • Post Name: Senior Officer General
  • Exam date: 9th October 2021
  • Question type: MCQ
  • Exam time: 3.30 PM to 4.30PM
  • Exam duration: One Hour
  • Full marks: One Hundred

PKB Senior Officer General Exam Question Solution 2021

Probashi Kallyan Bank started its journey in 2010 and it is a government bank. Its head office in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. On 4th January 2021, Probashi Kallyan Bank gave a job circular asking for a post the post name is officer cash. The online application was going for fifteen days. To see this circular about sixty thousand applicants applied for this post. Within a few months later the exam has selected so after the exam the candidates will get PKB Senior Officer General Exam Question Solution 2021.

You will find pkb mcq question solution below. Below this question image, we will give the answer. So read our article very carefully and follow our question answer. Hopefully, you will get the solution one hour later in the exam.

Probashi Kallyan Bank Exam Question Solution 2021

When you will finish your exam then one hour later you will get your Probashi Kallyan Bank Exam Question Solution 2021. Because we will give the full question solution just one later the exam. We always try to give hundred percent right answers. My dear, we give the answer part by part so that you can find your answer easily. We can say that our website is the best site for getting the exam question solution.

  1. 1.Which of these malicious programs collects information about users and sends the data to a remote user? উত্তরঃ Spyware2.What is the maximum data transfer speed offered by Bluetooth 4.0? উত্তরঃ 24 Mbps

    3.Ctrl. Shift and Alt. are called……….. উত্তরঃ Modifier

    4.Microsoft Office is an example of a ………. উত্তরঃ Horizontal market software

    5.……….are attempts by individuals to obtain confidential information from you by falsifying their identity. উত্তরঃ Phishing scams

    6.What is the probability of impossible events? উত্তরঃ 0

    7.The expression x+3 is………. উত্তরঃ one variable

    8.In a certain class consisting of 36 students, some boys and some girls, exactly 1/3 of the boys and exactly1/4 of the girls walk to school. What is the greatest possible number of students in this class who walk to school? উত্তরঃ 11

    9.A fair coin is flipped three times. What is the probability that coin lands head each time? উত্তরঃ1/8

    10.Which of the following software applications would be the most appropriate for performing numerical and statistical calculations? উত্তরঃ Spread Sheet

    11.Find the correctly spelt word. উত্তরঃ Adulation

    12.To “call it a day” means……….. উত্তরঃ to quit

    13.f you are “up tight”, you are………… উত্তরঃ worried

    14.2√3 +√3= উত্তরঃ 3√3

    15.The solution of equation x-2y=4 is: উত্তরঃ (4,0)

    16.In triangle ABC, if AB=BC and <B=70°, <A will be? উত্তরঃ 55°

    17.A boat sailing against a stream of river takes 6 hours to travel 24 kms, while sailing with the stream it takes 4 hours to travel the same distance. What is the speed of the stream? উত্তরঃ 1 km/hr

    18.The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 2 centimeters more than the longer side of the triangle. The shorter side of the triangle is 7 centimeters less than the longer side. Find the length of the hypotenuse. উত্তরঃ 17 cm

    19.………..are used to identify a user who returns to a Website. উত্তরঃ cookies

    20.RSA is……… উত্তরঃ Asymmetric cryptosystem

    21.A communication processor that connects dissimilar networks by providing the translation from one set of protocols to another is………….উত্তরঃ Gateway

    22.If in a computer, 16 bits are used to specify address is a RAM, the number of address will be………….উত্তরঃ 65,536

    23.A sum of money amounts to TK.9800 after 5 years and TK.12005 after 8 years at the same rate of simple interest. The rate of interest per annum is: উত্তরঃ 12%

    24.The price of raw materials has gone up by 15% labor cost has also increased from 25% of the cost raw material to30% of the cost of raw material. By how much percentage should there be reduction in the usage of raw materials so as to keep the cost same? উত্তরঃ 17%

    25.The number of students in 3 classes is in the ratio 2 : 3 : 4. If 12 students are increased in each class this ratio changes to 8 : 11 : 14. The total number of students in the three classes in the beginning was- উত্তরঃ 162

    26.Two buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20 km/h at interval of 10minutes.what is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at interval of 8 minutes? উত্তরঃ 5 km/h

    27.বৈষ্ণব পদাবলীর সঙ্গে কোন ভাষা সম্পর্কিত? উত্তরঃ ব্রজবুলি

    28.সাহচর্য শব্দের শুদ্ধ গঠন কোনটি? উত্তরঃ সহচর + য

    29.মুনীর চৌধুরীর ‘মুখরা রমণী বশীকরণ’ একটি- উত্তরঃ অনুবাদ নাটক

    30.বন্ধন শব্দের সঠিক অক্ষর বিন্যাস কোনটি? উত্তরঃ বন্ + ধন্

    31.Which country is called the “land of palms”? উত্তরঃ Brazil

    32.Anti-money Laundering Aet was enacted in Bangladesh in …….উত্তরঃ 2012

    33.Which is the largest producer of diamonds in the world…………উত্তরঃ Australia

    34.Who is the founder of Wikipedia? উত্তরঃ Jimmy Wales

    35.বাংলা কথ্য ভাষার আদি গ্রন্থ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ কৃপার শাস্ত্রের অর্থভেদ

    36.বাক্যের ক্রিয়ার সাথে অন্য পদের যে সম্পর্ক তাকে কী বলে? উত্তরঃ কারক

    37.‘নীল-দর্পণ’ নাটকটির বিষয়বস্তু কি? উত্তরঃ নীলকরদের অত্যাচার

    38.বাংলা বর্ণমালায় স্বরবর্ণ কয়টি? উত্তরঃ ১১ টি

    39.What is the name of the Parliament of Japan? উত্তরঃ Diet

    40.How many gas fields are in Bangladesh at present? উত্তরঃ 29

    41.Which Bangladesh is the co-founder of YouTube? উত্তরঃ Jawed Karim

    42.Bangabandhu Film City is located in…………. উত্তরঃ Gazipur

    43.One third of the faculty members of a department are female. Sixteen of the male teachers are unmarried, while 60% of them are married. The total number of faculty members in the department is ……উত্তরঃ60

    44.The surface area of hollow cylinder with radius `r’ and height `h’ is measured by……….. উত্তরঃ2πrh

    45.The diameter of the base of a cone is 10.5 cm. and its slant height is 10 cm. The curved surface area is: উত্তরঃ165cm2

    46.The three rational numbers between 3 and 4 are. উত্তরঃ13/4, 14/4, 15/4

    47.‘গোঁফ খেজুরে’ কোন সমাস? উত্তরঃ মধ্যপদলোপী বহুব্রীহি

    48.‘যার কোনমূল্য নেই’-এর সমার্থক বাগধারা কোনটি? উত্তরঃ ঢাকের বাঁয়া

    49.‘বিড়ালের আড়াইপা’ বাগধারাটির অর্থ কি? উত্তরঃ বেহায়াপনা

    50.নিচের কোন স্ত্রীবাচক শব্দের দুটি পুরুষ বাচক শব্দ রয়েছে? উত্তরঃ ননদ

    51.If you “see eye to eye” with someone, you…………them. উত্তরঃ agree with

    52.If it takes a “month of sundays”. It………. উত্তরঃ feels like a long time

    53.The study of the situation covers a great deal of relevant material, but does not tackle the real issues……….enough. উত্তরঃ adequately

    54.In a child, curiosity normally suggests intelligence and is welcomed; but an …………..adult is best avoided. উত্তরঃ inquisitive

    55.A, B and C enter into partnership with investments in the ratio of 5 : 7 : 8. If , at the end of the year A ‘s share of profit is TK,42360, how much is the total profit. উত্তরঃ Tk.169440

    56.One dozen eggs and ten pounds of apples are currently of the same price. If the price of a dozen eggs rises by 10% and that of apples rises by 2%. How much more will it cost to buy a dozen of eggs and ten pounds of apples? উত্তরঃ 6%

    57.Equal amounts of water were poured into two empty jars of different capacities, which made one jar % full and the other jar 1/3 full. If the water in the jar with the greater capacity. what fraction of the larger jar will be filled with water? উত্তরঃ 1/2

    58.M men agreed to purchase a gift for tk. D. If 3 men drop out, how much more will each have to contribute toward the purchase of the gift? উত্তরঃ 3D/(M2-3M)

    59.বাংলা সাহিত্যে সনেট রচনার প্রবর্তক কে? উত্তরঃ মাইকেল মধুসূদন দত্ত

    60.উত্তম পুরুষ উপন্যাসের রচয়িতা কে? উত্তরঃ রশীদ করিম

    61.‘বঙ্গদর্শন’ পত্রিকার প্রথম সম্পাদক কে ছিলেন ? উত্তরঃ বঙ্কিমচন্দ্র চট্টোপাধ্যায়

    62.কাজী নজরুল ইসলামের নামের সাথে জড়িত ধুমকেতু” কোন ধরণের প্রকাশনা? উত্তরঃ পত্রিকা

    1. He devised an………..scheme whereby the rate of unemployment in the country could bebrought down sharply. উত্তরঃ ingenious
    2. ………..who enjoys jazz music will enjoy this festival, tickets for which can be bought at—–good music shop. উত্তরঃ anybody, every
    3. The police officers……………the suspicious killing of a diplomat before a renowned businessman………… a couple of days ago, উত্তরঃ had been investigating, was killed
    4. Because I’m repeatedly leaving things behind my mother always tells me that I …. all my belongings in my bag before leaving the sports centre. উত্তরঃ must check, have
    5. A certain class is divided into two sections A and B of equal number of students. If the ratio of girls to boys for whole class is 3/5 and the ratio of girls to boys in section A is 5/7. What is ratio of girls to boys in section B? উত্তরঃ 1 to 2
    6. If x +9/x2-31, what is the value of x-3/x? উত্তরঃ 5
    7. How many positive integers less than 100 are neither multiples of 2 or 3. উত্তরঃ 33
    8. The volume of a rectangle with length, breadth and height as 3x, 3x and 7×4 উত্তরঃ 105x^7

    71.‘জঙ্গম’ -এর বিপরীতার্থক শব্দ কোনটি? উত্তরঃ স্থাবর

    72.নিত্য মূর্ধন্য -ষ কোন শব্দে বর্তমান? উত্তরঃ আষাঢ়

    73.‘অক্ষির সমীপে’ এর সংক্ষেপণ হল উত্তরঃ সমক্ষ

    74.উপসর্গের সাথে প্রত্যয়ের পার্থক্য হলো উত্তরঃ উপসর্গ থাকে সামনে আর প্রত্যয় থাকে পেছনে

    1. Which gas is used in electric bulb? উত্তরঃArgon
    2. What is the length of Bangabandhu Tunnel? উত্তরঃ3.40 KM
    3. Which one of these planets is nearest to the carth? উত্তরঃMercury
    4. What is the animal symbol of World Wildlife killing of a diplomat before a renowned Fund (WWF)? উত্তরঃGiant Panda
    5. ……a little bit of history, it was thought to be impossible in any computer system…… window with a functioning channel. উত্তরঃ given, having 
    6. In the 1930s, physicists devised machines for ……..subatomic particles by electromagnetic forces and making them…….faster and faster. উত্তরঃpushing, go 
    7. Special heat sensors on the front of the rattlesnake’s head enable it…… to detect the presence of prey in the dark….. to strike its victim accurately. উত্তরঃ not only, but also 

    82……… the computerized Dutch auction system, the flower industry gets flowers into our when they are still…… their best. উত্তরঃunder, at 

    1. Up to the present time, oceanographers…… lots of Seafloor Mountains they….. existed. উত্তরঃhave found, haven’t known
    2. Julius Creaser ………… a great historian if the making of history ….him the time and the inclination to write it. উত্তরঃcould have been/ had allowed 
    3. The experts are now fully convinced that the animal two old woman ..at the perk………….a puma. উত্তরঃ: was
    4. From which country the SMART card NIID of Bangladesh Election Commission was made? উত্তরঃ France
    5. What is the Cash Reserve for the scheduled commercial bank in Bangladesh? Ans: 4%
    6. The first woman to climb Mount Everest was ….. উত্তরঃ Junko Tabei
    7. Which one of the following countries is not a member of the OPEC? উত্তরঃ Malasiya
    8. What is the length of each stump in Cricket? উত্তরঃ 28 inches
    9. A colleague of…..has lent us ….. holiday collage for a week. উত্তরঃ mine / his
    10. You had better complain to the manager if you think you ………….an unfair proportion of the work. উত্তরঃhave been given 
    11. Which one of the following is not a Baltic State? উত্তরঃ Belarus
    12. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty came in to homes their best. উত্তরঃ 1970
    13. Which one of the following theories of Communism is not a Doctrine of Karl Marx? উত্তরঃ Theory of New Democracy
    14. Given that 1+2+3+…+10°-385, what is the value of ………30%? উত্তরঃ 3465
    15. An iron rod that weighs 24 kg is cut into two pieces so that one of these pieces weighs 16 kg and is 34 m long. If the weight of each piece is proportional to its length, how long is the other piece? উত্তরঃ 17m
    16. If x= 7-4V3 then find the value of (x+1/x)? উত্তরঃ 14
    17. The product of two different irrational numbers is always উত্তরঃ Both of avobe
    18. By selling a bicycle for Tk. 2,850, a shopkeeper gains 14%. If the profit is reduced to 8%, then the selling price will be: উত্তরঃ 2700

বাংলা অংশ সমাধান

১। উত্তর:

২। উত্তর:

৩। উত্তর:

৪। উত্তর:  অপশনে সঠিক উত্তর নেই। সঠিক উত্তর হবে মুক্তাঞ্চল

৫।  উত্তর:  খ

৬। উত্তর:

৭।উত্তর:  ঘ

৮। উত্তর:  গ

৯। উত্তর:

১০। উত্তর:

১১।  উত্তর:

১২। উত্তর:  ক

১৩। উত্তর:  গ

১৪। উত্তর:

১৫।উত্তর:  খ

১৬।  উত্তর:

ইংরেজি অংশ সমাধান

১৭। উত্তর:  C

১৮ । উত্তর: C

১৯ । উত্তর: D

২০ । উত্তর: C

২১ । উত্তর: C

২২ । উত্তর: A

২৩ । উত্তর: B

২৪ । উত্তর: C

২৫ । উত্তর:B

২৬ । উত্তর:B

২৭ । উত্তর:A

২৮ । উত্তর: C

২৯ । উত্তর:C

৩০ । উত্তর:A

৩১ । উত্তর:D

৩২ । উত্তর: B

গণিত অংশ সমাধান

৩৩ । উত্তর:গ

৩৪ । উত্তর:গ

৩৫ । উত্তর:অপশনে সঠিক উত্তর নেই। সঠিক উত্তর হবে  ২০মিলিয়ন।

৩৬ । উত্তর:খ

৩৭ । উত্তর:খ

৩৮ । উত্তর:ক

৩৯ । উত্তর:ক

৪০ । উত্তর:গ

৪১ । উত্তর:ঘ

৪২ । উত্তর:ক

৪৩ । উত্তর:খ

৪৪ । উত্তর: গ

৪৫ । উত্তর:ক

৪৬ । উত্তর:ক

৪৭ । উত্তর:গ

৪৮ । উত্তর: খ

৪৯ । উত্তর:ঘ

৫০ । উত্তর:গ

৫১ । উত্তর:ঘ

৫২ । উত্তর:ক

৫৩ । উত্তর:গ

৫৪ । উত্তর:খ

৫৫ । উত্তর:ঘ

৫৬ । উত্তর:গ

সাধারণ জ্ঞান অংশ সমাধান

৫৭ । উত্তর:D

৫৮ । উত্তর:D

৫৯ । উত্তর:D

৬০ । উত্তর:B

৬১ । উত্তর:D

৬২ । উত্তর:B

৬৩ । উত্তর:A

৬৪ । উত্তর:C

৬৫ । উত্তর:B

৬৬ । উত্তর:C

৬৭ । উত্তর:A

৬৮ । উত্তর:D

৬৯ । উত্তর:B

৭০ । উত্তর:B

৭১ । উত্তর:B

৭২ । উত্তর: অপশনে সঠিক উত্তর নেই। সঠিক উত্তর হবে West Indies

ICT অংশ সমাধান

৭৩ । উত্তর:A

৭৪ । উত্তর:D

৭৫ । উত্তর:C

৭৬ । উত্তর:D

৭৭ । উত্তর:B

৭৮ । উত্তর:D

৭৯ । উত্তর:C

৮০ । উত্তর:B

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