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HSC Accounting 1st Paper Question Solution 2021 ( All Board)

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Hisab biggan prsono somadan protom potro for HSC Exam: HSC Accounting Question Solution 2021 (1st Paper) is available in our site. We have arranged this post for the examinee of accounting. We generally arrange in our post to help the students. Hopefully, the students become benefited. HSC Accounting mcq question answer will give in our post. We hope the students will be glad to see our answer.

HSC Accounting 1st Paper Question Solution 2021

That post we have written today it is very important for the commerce background examination. We talk with many business group students they said that accounting subject is very hard subject to them. They always afraid of this subject and to get mark in this subject they took a special preparation. When the participant of the exam go out from the exam hall, they will be able to see HSC Accounting 1st Paper Question Solution 2021.

All of the students know that without preparation they cannot good marks in the exam. To most of the students in our country higher secondary school certificate exam is so important.

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Exam Timeline

  • Examination Name: Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)
  • Subject Name: Accounting 1st Paper
  • Date: 05 December 2021
  • Time: 10.00 am to 11.30 am
  • Question Type: MCQ and Written
  • Exam Duration: one hour.

HSC Accounting MCQ Question Answer 2021

We hope this post will be very unique and necessary because after the exam the students can check multiple choice question solution and with the srijonsil prosno uttor. Accounting subject consists of many mathematics to make a good result the students have to solve those math. Dear examinee you will be very glad to know after the exam we will collect all board question solution and solve all those question.

We played a vital role in secondary school certificate exam and now in higher secondary school certificate exam we also keep contribution for question solving.


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HSC Accounting Question Solution Dhaka Board

Accounting is other name is accountancy and it provides financial and non-financial information of economic activities. Most of the people called it language of business. In this part the examinee can see Dhaka borad accounting question answer.
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১.ঘ  ২. গ ৩.ঘ  ৪. গ ৫.গ ৬.গ ৭.ক ৮.গ ৯.ক ১০.ঘ ১১.খ ১২.খ ১৩.ঘ ১৪.খ ১৫.ঘ ১৬.ক ১৭.ক  ১৮.খ ১৯.ঘ ২০.ক ২১.গ ২২.ঘ ২৩.খ ২৪.গ ২৫.খ ২৬. খ ২৭. ঘ ২৮.ঘ ২৯.ক ৩০.ঘ

HSC Accounting Question Solution Chattogram Board

Accounting is an English word and its bangla name is hisab biggan. It is formed various froms and sectors of sophistication of human society. Chittagong board is very important board and for this board we have written this part.

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HSC Accounting Question Solution Comilla Board

Financial reporting is a word which synonym is accounting and it can be divided several types. If we say clearly then we see that accounting has five specific types. Comilla is an important board so the participant of accounting exam come here to see the answer.


HSC Accounting Question Solution Dinajpur Board

Dinajpur Board is special board those of you who will attend in the exam of accounting can see prosno somadam from here.

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Rajshahi Board HSC Accounting Question Solution

It is a matter of joy that we will try in our best to get Rajshahi Board. Rajshahi board is ancient district and it has very significance for architecture. The participant of rajshahi board examinee are feeling tension to get the solution we say to them no tension.

HSC Accounting Question Solution Sylhet Board

Are you searching Sylhet Board Accounting Question Solution? If answer is yes, stay with us. Sylhet Board always try to give a good question for their examinee.

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HSC Accounting Question Solution Barishal Board

Barishal is an important city and it has a wonderful education board. This board has significance played role to spread education it’s under districts.

HSC Accounting Question Solution Jessore Board

Jessore Board is responsible for arranging secondary school certificate and higher secondary school certificate exam. This year it also arranges intermediate exam and today accounting exam will be held.

HSC Accounting Question Solution Mymensingh Board

Mymensingh Educational Board is the latest board in our country and it established last of all. The examinee who will participant form this board can see question solution of accounting.

If want to know more about intermediate Accounting Question Solution, comment in the following comment box. We will try to answer your question. Stay with us soon will come to you a new post. Thank you very much.
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