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Dhakil Math MCQ Solution 2020

Dhakil Math MCQ Solution 2020: The solution Dhakil Math MCQ with all right answer is available on Today we will try to give for you Math MCQ Answer 2020 with 100% right answer. So Dhakil Math MCQ Question Solution.

Dhakil Math MCQ Solution 2020

Are you ready for math exam? We hope that you are fully ready to sit in the math exam today. As math is a hard subject so every student need to be preparation hardly. For few years math exam is held by two ways first one is mcq and other is srijonsil. In this post you will see your mcq four set question solution. Don’t worry my dear dhakil examine your question will not very hard. However you will get Dhakil Math MCQ Question Solution 2020 after the exam if you keep your eyes on our post. To get Dhakil Math MCQ Question Solution read this post carefully.

Dhakil Mathematics MCQ Answer 2020

We see that every year in dhakil examination many students come to attend in various subjects and like previous year this year a big amount of students has appeared in the exam. This year examination starts with Mathematics and it starts on 11th February 2020.However after exam if you search your Dhakil Math MCQ Answer 2020, you can find full question solution without any wrong. So to find your Dhakil Math MCQ Answer, keep your eyes on our post.

Dhakil Math MCQ Question Image

You will find Dhakil Math MCQ exam question below. Below this question image we will give the answer. So read our article very carefully and follow our question answer. Hopefully you will get the solution one hour later the exam.

Ka Set Question Image

Kha Set Question Image

Ga Set Question Image

Gha Set Question Image

সকল সেটের সমাধান দেয়া হয়েছে।

Dhakil  Math KA Set

১।গ  ২।খ  ৩।ক   ৪।ক  ৫।   ৬।  ৭।  ৮।  ৯।গ   ১০।   ১১।ঘ ১২।  ১৩।ঘ  ১৪।ক  ১৫।ক  ১৬।   ১৭।খ  ১৮।  ১৯।ক   ২০।ক  ২১।   ২২।খ   ২৩।গ  ২৪।  ২৫।গ  ২৬।খ   ২৭।ক   ২৮।ক  ২৯।ঘ   ৩০


Dhakil Math KHA Set

১।গ  ২।  ৩।ক   ৪।ক  ৫।ঘ   ৬।ক  ৭।ক  ৮।ক  ৯।গ   ১০।খ   ১১।গ ১২।ক  ১৩।  ১৪।ক  ১৫।ক  ১৬।ঘ   ১৭।খ  ১৮।ঘ  ১৯।খ   ২০।ঘ  ২১।গ   ২২।   ২৩।ঘ  ২৪।খ  ২৫।গ  ২৬।খ   ২৭।ক   ২৮।  ২৯।গ   ৩০


Dhakil Math GA Set

১।ক  ২।ক  ৩।গ   ৪।খ  ৫।   ৬।ক  ৭।ঘ  ৮।ক  ৯।ক   ১০।ঘ   ১১।খ ১২।ঘ  ১৩।গ  ১৪।খ  ১৫।ক  ১৬।খ   ১৭।গ  ১৮।খ  ১৯।গ   ২০।খ  ২১।ক   ২২।ক   ২৩।ঘ  ২৪।ক  ২৫।খ  ২৬।ঘ   ২৭।গ   ২৮।  ২৯।ঘ   ৩০


Dhakil Math  GHA Set

১।  ২।ঘ  ৩।গ   ৪।  ৫।   ৬।খ  ৭।গ  ৮।খ  ৯।   ১০।   ১১।ঘ ১২।ক  ১৩।ঘ  ১৪।  ১৫।  ১৬।   ১৭।খ  ১৮।ঘ  ১৯।গ   ২০।খ  ২১।ক   ২২।   ২৩।গ  ২৪।খ  ২৫।ক  ২৬।ক   ২৭।গ   ২৮।খ  ২৯।গ   ৩০

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Dhakil Math Exam 2020 Timeline

Examination NameDhakil Examination
Subject NameMathematics
Exam Date11th February 2020
Exam Time10.00 am to 1.00pm
Exam TypeMCQ and Written
Total Marks100
Exam Duration3 hours

Dhakil Math MCQ Solve 2020

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