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Dhakil ICT MCQ Question Solution 2020

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Dhakil ICT MCQ Question Answer 2020: Dhakil ICT MCQ Question 2020 Solution is available in our website. If you search Dhakil ICT MCQ Solution 2020 you will get in BD CIRCULAR ZONE. In this post we have arranged for you Dhakil ICT Somadan 2020.

 Dhakil ICT MCQ Question Solution 2020

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board or “Alia Madrasah Education Board” started its activity independently in 1979. With the passage of time of madrasah education, in 1978 a humanities and science faculty were included in Alim level and in 1980. Hopefully you will get Madrasah Board Math MCQ Question Solution 2020 in this post so stay with us.Good news for madrasah students. BD CIRCULAR ZONE has come take a new post about Dhakil ICT MCQ Question Solution 2020.This year those of you who are attending in Dhakil exam may be you

Dhakil ICT MCQ Solution 2020

My dear Dhakil examine all of you Information and communications technology ICT is a compulsory subject. Just for you we make this suggestion and we hope it will be helpful. For making a good preparation we have to know the  dhakil  ICT question pattern 2020 .There are three parts of dhakil ict syllabus. They are written part, objective part and viva part. 50% marks for written part, 25% marks for MCQ and 25% marks for practical and viva. For making a good result, you have to obtain good marks in all these three parts .Otherwise it will be just quite impossible to get gpa 5 dhakil ICT exam. Students often fail in this subject because of weak knowledge. They often don’t know about the dhakil ICT question and syllabus. You can use dhakil  ict question for knowing the dhakil ict question pattern also. Download the dhakil ict syllabus from PDF and you will get the question pattern of dhakil ict exam 2020 in this post you will get Dhakil ICT MCQ Solution 2020.

Madrasah ICT MCQ Answer 2020

We think that you are looking for your Madrasah ICT MCQ answer 2020 here is a right place to find your Madrasah ICT Question Solution 2019. We have arranged the Madrasah ICT Question Solution for you so that you will be able to get your ICT solution.


Madrasah Board ICT MCQ Question Solution KA Set

১। গ ২। খ ৩। খ ৪।গ  ৫। খ ৬।ঘ  ৭।খ  ৮।ঘ  ৯।ক  ১০।গ  ১১। খ   ১২। গ  ১৩।খ  ১৪।খ ১৫।ঘ  ১৬।গ  ১৭।ঘ  ১৮।ঘ  ১৯।ঘ  ২০।গ ২১।গ  ২২।ঘ  ২৩।ক  ২৪।ক  ২৫।খ

Madrasah Board ICT MCQ Question Solution KHA Set

১।গ  ২।খ  ৩।খ  ৪।ঘ  ৫।গ  ৬।খ  ৭।খ  ৮।গ  ৯। খ ১০।গ  ১১।ঘ    ১২।ক   ১৩।ক  ১৪।খ ১৫।ঘ  ১৬। খ ১৭।ঘ  ১৮।ক  ১৯।গ  ২০।খ ২১।গ  ২২।ঘ  ২৩।ঘ  ২৪।ঘ  ২৫।গ

Madrasah Board ICT MCQ Question Solution GA Set

১। গ ২। খ ৩।ঘ  ৪।ক  ৫।গ  ৬।খ  ৭।গ  ৮।ঘ  ৯।ঘ  ১০।ঘ  ১১।গ    ১২।গ   ১৩।খ  ১৪।খ ১৫।ঘ  ১৬। গ ১৭।ঘ  ১৮।ক  ১৯।ক  ২০।খ ২১। গ ২২।খ  ২৩। খ ২৪।গ  ২৫।খ

Madrasah Board ICT MCQ Question Solution GHA Set

১। গ ২। ঘ ৩।ক  ৪।ক  ৫।খ  ৬।ঘ  ৭।খ  ৮।ঘ  ৯।ক  ১০।গ  ১১।খ    ১২।গ   ১৩। ঘ ১৪।ঘ ১৫।ঘ  ১৬। গ ১৭।গ  ১৮।খ  ১৯।খ  ২০।গ ২১। খ ২২।গ  ২৩। খ ২৪।খ  ২৫।ঘ

কিছুক্ষনের মধ্যে সকল সেটের সমাধান দেয়া হবে।। প্রিয় দাখিল পরীক্ষার্থী বন্ধু আপনার কোন সেটের সমাধান প্রয়োজন তা নিচের বক্সে কমেন্ট করে আমাদের জানান  । 

Dhakil ICT Exam 2020 Timeline

Examination Name Dhakil Examination
Subject Name Information and communications technology
Exam Date 18th February 2020
Exam Time 10.00 am to 10.25 pm
Exam Type MCQ
Total Marks 25
Exam Duration 25 minutes

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