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Combined 5 Bank Officer Cash Exam Question Solution 2022

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Somonnito pach bank officer cash prosno somadan 2022: Combined 5 Bank officer question solution 2022 is available in our website. We have arranged this post finding officer cash mcq question solve or answer. Your exam will run from 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM and after the exam you can see question answer-related information. Read our post attentively to get all details.

Combined 5 Bank Officer Cash Exam Question Solution 2022

Banker selection committee has announce combined 5 Bank Officer Cash exam date. Bank exam is becoming hard day by day. Most of the applicants attends in the exam. We think that you are looking for your Combined 5 Bank Officer Cash Exam Question Solution 2022. Here is a right place to find prosno uttor. We have arranged this post for you so that you will be able to get the exam question solution.

My dear don’t wait a long time because your exam date is 11 March 2022 and the exam time is 3.00pm to 4.00pm. My dear if you want to get full question answer then you have to stay with us.

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Exam Timeline

Post Name Officer Cash
Exam Date 11 March 2022
Time 3.00 PM to 4.00 PM
Question Type MCQ
Exam Location Dhaka
Time Duration One hour
Total Candidate 116427
সম্বনিত ৭ ব্যাংক এর সিনিয়র অফিসার পরীক্ষার প্রশ্ন সমাধান দেখুন। Click

Combined 5 Bank Officer Cash MCQ Question Solution 2022

Tomorrow you will attend the exam. After the exam you will get your combined 5 bank officer cash mcq question solution 2022. Without any mistake and we will try to give 5 Bank question with answer. Hopefully, you will get 100% correct answer.

You will find mcq prosno solve below. Below this question image we will give the answer. So read our article very carefully and follow our question answer. Hopefully you will get the solution one hour later the exam.

5 Bank Question Solution ( 11 March 2022)




Last Year Question Solution

Did you really say that? You …. Out of your mind! উত্তর: were to have been 

. You’re a brilliant cook! If I…..cook as well as you, I ……a restaurant. উত্তর:  could/ would open

. He didn’t pass his driving test. He wishes he…..it.  উত্তর:  had passed

. In triangle PQR length of the side QR is less than twice the length of the side PQ by 2 cm. The length of the side PR exceeds the length of the side PQ by 10 cm. The perimeter is 40 cm. The length of the smallest side of the triangle PQR is: উত্তর: 8 cm

. A train 125 m long passes a man, running at 5 km/hr in the same direction in which the train is going, in 10 seconds. The speed of the train is- উত্তর:  50 km/hr

. There is 60% increase in an amount in 6 years at simple interest. What will be the compound interest of Tk. 12,000 after 3 years at the same rate? উত্তর:  Tk. 3972 

. I’m really looking forward to…….my new course. উত্তর:  starting 

. I need to buy all sorts of things …… socks. উত্তর:  like

. At first, I found learning English very easy but now I don’t think I’m ….. any progress at all. উত্তর:  making

১০. It was Sunday on Jan 1, 2006. What was the day of the week Jan 1, 2010? উত্তর:  Friday

১১. A room 5m8m is to be carpeted leaving a margin of 10 cm from each wall. If the cost of the carpet is Tk. 18 per sq. meter, the cost of carpeting the room will be: উত্তর:  Tk. 673.92

১২. A motorboat, whose speed is 15 km/hr in still water goes 30 km downstream and comes back in a total of 4 hours 30 minutes. The speed of the stream (in km/hr) is: উত্তর:  5 km/hr

১৩. “Where were you at 2:00?” “ …….. a cave.” উত্তর:  in 

১৪. Would you like …….. to eat? উত্তর:  something

১৫. Jane and john saved and saved, and finally, they ……….buy the house of their dreams. উত্তর:  could

১৬. 3 pumps, working 8 hours a day, can empty a tank in 2 days. How many hours a day must 4 pumps work to empty the tank in 1 day? উত্তর:  12 

১৭. The three rational numbers between 3 and 4 are: উত্তর: 13/4, 14/4, 15/4 

১৮. In triangle ABC, if AB = BC and <B = 70, <A will be: উত্তর:  55 Degree 

১৯. My uncle died …….. the war. উত্তর: during 

২০. I hurt my leg …….I was playing football yesterday. উত্তর:  while

২১. The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 2 centimeters more than the longer side of the triangle. The shorter side of the triangle is 7 centimeters less than the longer side. Find the length of the hypotenuse. উত্তর:  17 cm

২২. A car owner buys petrol at Tk.17. TK. 19 and TK.20 per liter for three consecutive years. Compute the average cost per liter. If he spends TK.6460 per year. উত্তর:  18.58

২৩. How many terms are there in 20, 25, 30, 35, ….140? উত্তর:  25 

২৪. Who developed the Zoom app? উত্তর: Eric Yuan

২৫. Which country is called the land of poets? উত্তর:  Chile 

২৬. ‘খনার বচন’ – এর মূলভাব কি? উত্তর: শুদ্ধ জীবনযাপন রীতি 

২৭. সাধু চলিত ভাষার মূল পার্থক্য কোন পদে বেশী বেশী দেখা যায়? উত্তর:  ক্রিয়া সর্বনামে 

২৮. The Android operating system is the embedded version of …….. উত্তর:  Linux

২৯. In Microsoft Word, first line and hanging are special forms of …….. উত্তর:  indentation

৩০. কোনটি মৌলিক শব্দ? উত্তর:  গোলাপ 

৩১. নীচের কোন বানানগুচ্ছের সবগুলো বানানই অশুদ্ধ? উত্তর:  ভূরিভূরি, ভূড়িওয়ালা, মাতৃষ্বসা 

৩২. ……… perform internet protocol blocking to protect networks from unauthorized access. উত্তর:  Firewalls

৩৩. How many layers are there in the OSI networking model? উত্তর:  7 

৩৪. “অলৌকিক ইষ্টিমার” – গ্রন্থের রচয়িতা কে? উত্তর:  হুমায়ুন আজাদ

৩৫. বর্গের কোন বর্ণসমূহের ধ্বনি মহাপ্রাণধ্বনি? উত্তর:  দ্বিতীয় চর্তুথ 

৩৬. SMPS stands for ……… উত্তর: Switched Mode Power Supply

৩৭. A normal CD-ROM Usually can store up to …… data? উত্তর:  680 MB

৩৮. ‘মাতৃভাষায় যাহার ভক্তি নেই সে মানুষ নহে’- কার উক্তি? উত্তর:  মীর মশাররফ হোসেনের

৩৯. ‘কোন ধরনের স্বরধ্বনি? উত্তর: যৌগিক স্বরধ্বনি 

৪০. ………is a network topology in which each network component is physically connected to a central node such as a router, hub, or switch. উত্তর:  Star topology

৪১. …….. is a computer networking device that creates an angle, aggregate network from multiple communication networks. উত্তর:  Bridge

৪২. রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুরেরগীতাঞ্জলীকাব্য প্রকাশিত হয় কত সনে? উত্তর:  ১৯১০ সালে 

৪৩. কোন শব্দজোড় বিপরীতার্থক নয়? উত্তর: হৃষ্টপুষ্ট

৪৪. In MS Word, which one of the following keys will refresh or reload the page. উত্তর:  F5

৪৫. Which port is used by Simple Mail Transfer Protocol? উত্তর:  25 

৪৬. নিচের কোন শব্দটি প্রত্যয়সাধিত? উত্তর:  খণ্ডিত 

৪৭. কোনটি ঈশ্বরচন্দ্র বিদ্যাসাগরের আত্মজীবনী? উত্তর:  আত্মচরিত

৪৮. Which is the first illiteracy free district of Bangladesh– উত্তর:  Magura

৪৯. When did Bangabandhu Satellite-1 launch? উত্তর:  11 May 2018

৫০. কোন গ্রন্থটি সুকান্ত ভট্ট্যাচার্য কর্তৃক রচিত? উত্তর: হরতাল 

৫১. ঢাকের কাঠিবাগধারার অর্থ কি? উত্তর:  মোসাহেব 

৫২. ’আনোয়ারাগ্রন্থটির রচয়িতা কে? উত্তর:  মোহাম্মদ নজিবর রহমান

৫৩. ‘মা ছিলনা বলে কেউ তার চুল বেঁধে দেয়নি।এটি একটিউত্তর:  সরল বাক্য

৫৪. What was the total budget proposed by the Finance Minister for 2021-2022? উত্তর:  Tk 603,681 Crore 

৫৫. “ANDINA” is the news agency of……. উত্তর:  Peru 

৫৬. How many tribal groups are there in Bangladesh? উত্তর: 27 

৫৭. A shopkeeper earns a profit of 12% on selling a book at 10% discount on the printed price. The ratio of the cost price and the printed price of the book is: উত্তর:  45:56 

৫৮. If A and B together can complete a work in 18 days. A and C together in 12 days and B and C together in 9 days, then B alone cand o the work in উত্তর:  24 days 

৫৯. If A and B together can complete a piece of work in 15 days and B alone in 20 days in how many days can A alone complete the work? উত্তর:  60 

৬০. বাংলা ভাষায় প্রথম ব্যকরণ রচনা করেন কে? উত্তর:  রাজা রামমোহন রায়

৬১. ‘যা কিছু হারায় গিন্নী বলেন, কেষ্ট বেটাই চোর’- এখানে হারায় কোন ধাতু? উত্তর:  প্রযোজক ধাতু

৬২. ‘সর্বাঙ্গে ব্যথা, ঔষধ দিব কোথা’- এই বাক্যেঔষধশব্দ কোন কারকে কোন বিভক্তির উদাহরণ? উত্তর:  কর্মকারকে শূন্য বিভক্তি 

৬৩. How many agent banks are there in Bangladesh? উত্তর:  24 

৬৪. What is the deepest river in Bangladesh? উত্তর:  Meghna 

৬৫. How many inland ports are there in Bangladesh? উত্তর:  11 

৬৬. In a 729 liters mixture of milk and water, the ratio of milk to water is 7:2 to get a new mixture containing milk and water in the ratio of 7:3, the amount of water to be added is উত্তর:  81 Liters 

৬৭. Kamal started a business investing Tk. 9000. After five months, Sameer joined with a capital of Tk. 8000. If at the end of the year, they earn a profit of Tk. 6970, then what will be the share of Sameer in the profit? উত্তর:  TK. 2380 

৬৮. The angle of elevation of a ladder leaning against a wall is 60⁰ and the foot of the ladder is 4.6 m away from the wall. The length of the ladder is উত্তর: 9.2 M 

 ৬৯. ‘সুন্দর মাত্রেরই একটা আকর্ষণ আছে।’- এই বাক্যেসুন্দরশব্দটি কোন পদ? উত্তর:  বিশেষ্য 

৭০. The terrorist ……have never known ……….it is like to be free. উত্তর:  that 

৭২. What is the length of Dhaka Metro Rail? উত্তর:  20.1 KM 

৭৩. The planet that moves round the Sun at the highest speed is ………… উত্তর: Mercury 

৭৪. Who is the highest centurion in Test as a cricketer of Bangladesh team? উত্তর:  Mominul Haque 

৭৫. The man ……….. robbed the bank has been arrested. উত্তর: whose son had 

৭৬. ……….. either of you a doctor? Or,  ……..you both engineers? উত্তর:  Is, are 

৭৭. “Don’t worry; one of the robbers ……… .” said a policeman to the gathering crowd. উত্তর:  is being pursued

৭৮. Father is aged three times more than his son Ronit. After 8 years, he would be two and a half times of Ronit’s age. After further 8 years, how many times would he be of Ronit’s age? উত্তর:  2 times

৭৯. An accurate clock shows 8 o’clock in the morning.  Through how many degrees will the hour hand rotate when the clock shows 2 o’clock in the afternoon? উত্তর: 180 Degree 

৮০. 66 cubic centimeters of silver is drawn into a wire I mm in diameter. The length of the wire in meters will be: উত্তর: 84 metres 

৮১. ……….. Crowded place this is! উত্তর:   What a 

৮২. My uncle was ………… businessman to fall into that trap. উত্তর:  too shrewd a 

৮৩. What beautiful eyes …………..! উত্তর:  she has 

৮৪. You look …… you were expecting some bad news. উত্তর:  as though 

৮৫. A man purchased a cow for Tk. 3000 and sold it the same day for Tk. 3600, allowing the buyer a credit of 2 years If the rate of interest be 10% per annum, then the man has a gain of উত্তরঃ 0% 

৮৬. Find the greatest number that will divide 43, 91, and 183 so as to leave the same remainder in each case. উত্তর:  4 

৮৭. In order to obtain an income of Tk. 650 from 10% stock at Tk. 96, one must make an investment of উত্তর: Tk. 6240 

৮৮. The name of the parliament of Norway is ……… উত্তর:  Storting 

৮৯. What is the capital city of Papua New Guinea? উত্তর:  Port Morseby

৯০. Where is the Mojave desert located at? উত্তর:  United states 

৯১. If 4b² + 1b2 = 2, then the value of 8b3+ 1/b3 is? উত্তর:  0

৯২. If a^3 = 117 + b3 and a = 3 + b, then the value of a + b is? উত্তর:  7 

৯৩. The population of a village decreases at the rate of 20% per annum. If its population 2 years ago was 10000, the present population is = ? উত্তর: 6400 

৯৪. Abdul Monem Economic Zone is located? উত্তর:  Gazaria 

৯৫. What is the currency name of Samoa……….. উত্তর:  Tala 

৯৬. A student scores 55% marks in 8 papers of marks each. He scores 15% of his total marks in English. How much does he score in English? উত্তর:  66 

৯৭. The ratio of the number of boys and girls in a college is 7: 8. If the percentage increase in the number of body and girls be 20% and 10% respectively, what will be the new ratio? উত্তর:  21:22

৯৮. Two buses start from a bus terminal with a speed of 20 km/h at intervals of 10 minutes. What is the speed of a man coming from the opposite direction towards the bus terminal if he meets the buses at interval of 8 minutes? উত্তর:  5km/h 

৯৯. Who is the first female deputy governor of the Bangladesh Bank? উত্তর:  Nazneen Sultana 

১০০. Who discovered the blood circulation process of the human body? উত্তর:  William Harvey 

5 Bank Officer Cash Exam Question Solution 2022

Hi well come to back again we have appeared to you a new post and this post has a very significance for the candidates. Because bank job is very good sector in our country to get a job and it is a big challenge for anybody. However in this post you will get 5 Bank Officer Cash Exam Question Solution 2022.

To sit in the samonnito five bank exam, examinee has to show some strictly rules. They had to go in the exam hall thirty minutes ago starting the exam and some other rules. When the exam question will come to our hand after the exam then without any delay.

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