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BEZA Assistant Manager MCQ Question Solution 2023

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Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) MCQ Question Solution 2023: In our post you will get all BEZA MCQ Question Solution and full mcq question and after exam you will get total BEZA exam question solution so read our post carefully to find BEZA exam full question solution 2023.

BEZA Exam Question Solution 2023

Welcome back again we have come to you with a new post named BEZA Exam Question Solution. Our post written about Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority Exam Question Solution will be very beneficial to you so read our total post and see the BEZA Assistant Manager MCQ Question and just below this question full question solution. Today a lot of examine has attended Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) exam and most of them applicants are waiting for this BEZA Assistant Manager mcq  exam question solve 2023.

BEZA Exam Timeline

Organization Name Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA)
Post name Assistant Manager
Job Type Government Jobs
Total Post 23
Exam Date 13 May 2023
Exam Time 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM
Exam Place Dhaka
Exam Type Written/ MCQ
Total Candidates 47629

 BEZA MCQ Question Solution 2023

My dear every Friday generally job exam held so in our site we will give exam question solution so this week also we have given Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority. Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) Assistant Manager Exam question you will find in the following. Below this question image we will give the answer. So read our article very carefully and follow our question image. You will be very glad to know that we have given all question in our hand and now we are trying to solve it after solving this question below  we have give full question solution.

ইংরেজী অংশ সমাধান

১.Choose the Correct Preposition: The table is ……the middle …..the room?—উত্তর:

২. Which of the following sentences is correct?—উত্তর:

৩. Choose the correct synonym of the word: ASTUTE? — উত্তর:

৪. Choose the correct antonym of the word: EPIDEMIC? — উত্তর:

৫. Choose the correct conversion into simple form of the sentences: Corona virus has attacked the world. Bangladesh has maintained a high growth rate of its economy? — উত্তর:

৬. Choose the correct tag question of the sentence: Zahara knows how to swim …?—উত্তর:

৭. Choose the correct translation of the proverb: চোরে-চোরে মাসতুতো ভাই?—উত্তর:

৮. He loved “himself”. The underlined word is? — উত্তর:

৯. Choose the correct words to complete the sentence: ……………..in the field is feeling sick—উত্তর:

১০. The appropriate plural form of the word: STRATUM is? —উত্তর:

১১. Choose the correct sentence? —উত্তর:

১২. Antonym of RECONDITE is—উত্তর:

১৩. What is the correct meaning if the underlined word in the sentence? How are you “getting on” in your new job—উত্তর:

১৪. Choose the appropriate pair of the words to fill in the blanks: Though it’s difficult to cross the river, don’t……—উত্তর:

১৫. The past participle form of the word “BITE” is—— উত্তর:

১৬. Choose the correct form of the verb in the sentence if we ……..near Cox’s Bazar, we would go there more often—— উত্তর:

১৭. Choose the sentence with appropriate use of “some” —উত্তর:

১৮. Which of the following wor dis correctly spelled—উত্তর:

১৯. Choose the correct form of the underlined words: Sabotage came from the French saboter, which means “to clatter with wooden shoes” (sabots).” —উত্তর:

২০. Select the sentence with appropriate form—উত্তর:

 গণিত অংশ সমাধান

২১. What is the slope of a line containing the points (1,13) and (-3,6)? —উত্তর:

২২. If a+b+c =12, a+b=4, and a+c=7, What is the value of a? —উত্তর:

২৩. The set of points defined by the equation x^2 +y^2+Z^2=4 is—উত্তর:

২৪. Which of the following is an equation whose graph is a set of points equidistant from the points?

{0,0} and (6.0)? —উত্তর:

২৫. Which of the following is equivalent to a a-b ≥ a+b^2—উত্তর:

২৬. If m and n are in the domain of a function g and g (m)>g(n), Which of the following must be true ? —উত্তর:

২৭. If logn^2=a and logn^5=b, then logn^50=—উত্তর:

২৮. In a certain office, that human resources department reports that 60% of the employees in the office commute over an hour on average each day, and that 25% of those Employees who commute over an hour on average each the commute by train. If an employee that the office is selected at random, what is the probability that the employee commutes over an hour on average by train?—উত্তর:

২৯. To the nearest degree what is the measure of the second smallest angle in a right triangle with sides 5,12 and 13? —উত্তর:

৩০. Of the following list of numbers, which has the greatest standard deviation? —উত্তর:

৩১. If A is an integer, Which of the following CANNOT be inferred from the statement above—উত্তর:

৩২. If how many different orders can  8 different colors of Flowers be arranged in a straight line—উত্তর:

৩৩. If the height of a right square pyramid is increased by 12% by what percent must the side of the base be increased, So that the volume of the pyramid is increased by 28% —উত্তর:

৩৪. If the second term is and arithmetic sequence is4, and the tenth term is 15, What is the first term  in the sequence —উত্তর:

৩৫. In country A, the first 1,000 dollar of any inheritance are untaxed. After the first 1,000 dollar , Inheritances are taxed at a rate of 65% how large must and inheritance be , to the nearest Dollar in order to amount to 2,500 dollar after the inheritance tax—উত্তর:

৩৬. In an engineering test, a rocket sled is propelled into a target. If the sled’s distance from the target is given by the formula d=1.5t^2+120, Where t is the  number of second after rocket ignition, then how  many seconds have passed since rocket ignition when the sled is 10 meters form the target—উত্তর:

৩৭. If e^2=5, then x=?–উত্তর:

৩৮. Right triangle has sides in the ratio of 5:12:13, what is the measure of the smallest angle in the Triangle in degrees–উত্তর:

৩৯. If k is an integer and k=462/n, then which of the following could be the value of n? —উত্তর:

৪০. How many positive Integers less  in 100 have a reminder of 2 when divided by 13? –উত্তর:

সাধারণ জ্ঞান অংশ সমাধান

৪১. What is the period of coverage under the present five years plan of Bangladesh? —উত্তর:

৪২. Which movie won the best picture Oscar award 2020 —উত্তর:

৪৩. “Zulu” Is the prominent Tribe of which country—উত্তর:

৪৪. Which of the following is not an Olympic sport—উত্তর:

৪৫. Which Batsman is ranked first in the ICC ODI player ranking of 2020? –উত্তর:

৪৬. Which Party won the elections in Pakistan in 1970 and was not allowed to form government-


৪৭.What was the theme of 2020 international women’s day–উত্তর:

৪৮. Who was the top goal scorer in the UEFA Champions League 2019/20? —উত্তর:

৪৯. Which chemical compound caused a huge explosion in Beirur, Lebanon on August 4t, 2020–উত্তর:

৫০. Who was the winner of the men’s single in US Open tennis 2020—উত্তর:

৫১. How much is the Foreign Exchange Reserve of Bangladesh as of August 2020–উত্তর:

৫২. Which tennis tournament is played on Clay Court—উত্তর:

৫৩. Who is the author of the book “ Principia Mathematica” —উত্তর:

৫৪. International Day of friendship is observed of the globally on–উত্তর:

বিজ্ঞান ও প্রযুক্তি অংশ সমাধান

৫৫. The headquarter of Apple, known as Apple Park,  is located in—উত্তর:

৫৬. By pressing which key we can move to the beginning of a line in Ms Word document—উত্তর:

৫৭. EDI is a (an)- উত্তরঃ Inter organizational Application Software EDI is a (an)—উত্তর:

৫৮. Which of the following consists of one or more filaments of glass fiber wrapped in protective layers that carries Data by means of pulse of light ? —উত্তর:

৫৯. Google’s language translator is an example of the application of—উত্তর:

৬০.A virus that replicates itself is called? –উত্তর:

বাংলা অংশ সমাধান

৬১.শবপোড়া শব্দটির কি দোষ দেখা যায়—উত্তর:

৬২. দুঃখকে প্রাপ্ত “ এটি কোন সমাস—উত্তর:

৬৩. সূর্য  এর প্রতিশব্দ—উত্তর:

৬৪. তুর্কি শব্দের উদাহরণ কোনটি—উত্তর:

৬৫. ডাকঘর কোন ধরনের রচনা—উত্তর:

৬৬. কায়কোবাদের মহাশ্মশান গ্রন্থটি কোন ধরনের রচনা—উত্তর:

৬৭. কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান—উত্তর:

৬৮. কোনটি শুদ্ধ বানান—উত্তর:

৬৯. অঞ্চল শব্দটি কোন শ্রেণীর–উত্তর:

৭০. ক্ষীয়মান এর বিপরীত শব্দ কি—উত্তর:

৭১. কোন  সন্ধিটি  নিপাতনে সিদ্ধ—উত্তর:

৭২. নিচের কোনটিতে বিরামচিহ্ন যথাযথভাবে ব্যবহৃত হয়নি —উত্তর:

৭৩. খাঁটি বাংলা উপসর্গ যোগে সৃষ্ট পদ কোনটি–উত্তর:

৭৪. ডালে ডালে কুসুম ভার” এখানে ভার কোন অর্থ প্রকাশ করে—উত্তর:

৭৫. কৃষক হলেও তার আছে রাশি রাশি ধান”  বাক্যে রাশি রাশি কি অর্থে ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে—উত্তর:

৭৬. তুলসী বনের বাঘ” প্রবাদটির অর্থ কি—উত্তর:

৭৭. কোনটি ভুল বাক্য–উত্তর:

৭৮. আসামির ”পক্ষে “ উকিল কে?  এখানে পক্ষে কি অর্থে ব্যবহৃত হয়েছে—উত্তর:

৭৯. সর্বনাশ বোঝাতে কোন বাগধারাটি প্রয়োজন—উত্তর:

৮০. হাটে হাটে  বিকিয়ে তোর ভরা আপণ এ বাক্যে কোন দ্বিরুক্তির প্রয়োগ ঘটেছে—উত্তর:

BEZA Assistant Manager MCQ Question Solution 2023

BEZA is a abbreviation and its full meaning is Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority. Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority or BEZA is a centralized economic zones authority of Bangladesh which was instituted by the government in November 2010 under Bangladesh Economic Zones Act. The organization is responsible for establishing and managing of SEZs of Bangladesh. It is run from Prime Minister’s Office of Bangladesh. My dear BEZA Assistant Manager examinee you are not worry about finding your BEZA MCQ Question answer because in this post you will find all question correctly so read our post carefully. When the exam question will come to our hand after the exam then without any delay will give beza mcq question solution.

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