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Hot News For 39 (Special ) BCS Examine

by Chief Editor

A special notice has been published for 39 (Special) BCS Exam 2018 on the official website of mopa.gov.bd. If you are interested to read out the notice then you have to stay with us.

39 (Special) BCS Exam 2018 Notice

A special notice has been published on the official website of mopa.gov.bd. My dear 39 BCS examinee for your benefit we have given full of the notice. Now see the notice…

On the recommendation of letter No.25, the five candidates mentioned in paragraph 1 of this notification should be paid Niag according to the following conditions:  Must receive basic training at a designated training institute; upon completion of such basic training, he shall receive professional and special training of his kind in the establishment of his job as the Government may determine; He has to work for two years as an apprentice.  If he was considered incapable of staying in the job during his education, he could be removed from his job without showing any reason and without the advice of the Public Works Commission;  the successful completion of the training set forth in sub-sections and passing the departmental examination and satisfactorily having passed the apprenticeship;  Before the commencement of the training mentioned in sub-section he shall be required to perform a bond in the Judicial stamp, with a guarantor not worth Rs. 3 / – (three hundred), if he has completed his term of apprenticeship or three (three) years of apprenticeship.  Resigns in the job, but the salary, allowance paid to him during training, advance / tourist on training occasion (other  He will be obliged to repay all the money spent on Bhatadi and his training, and he will have to go to training by submitting a bond with the authorities who are exempted from the workplace for training; if he is absent from his duties – before his resignation is accepted by the government,  However, according to sub-section all the money owed to him by the government is public demand recovery  Act, 1913, will be collected and in accordance with the provisions of the Government Servants.

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