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Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) MCQ Question Solution 2020

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) MCQ Question Solution 2020: BBS question solution  with all right answer is available on Today we will try to give for you BBS MCQ question solve with 100% right answer. So check Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics MCQ Question Solution.

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) MCQ Question Solution 2020

Interested candidates are waiting after the exam when their Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) Question Solution 2020 will be published by the educational website. As students search their related question solution so we also give the question solution post. My dear if you want to get your BBS Question Solution 2020 then you have to enter in our site as we will try to give the 100% right solution. Keep belief to us you will also get your BBS Question Solution that held in 3rd January 2020. Do you want to get your Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) Question Solution 2020 without any wrong answer then you have to keep your eyes on our post.

BBS MCQ Question Solution 2020

In 3rd January 2020, only junior statistical assistant examination will be held by the authority so this week you will get only junior statistical assistant Question Solution 2020. By the source of authority we are able to know that the exam will be taken by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics authority. So dear examine you need to enter the exam hall fully full prepared otherwise you cannot get your expected marks and do not get the job. This week we will give junior statistical assistant exam question solution. After this exam other post exam will be held on 11th January and 17th January 2020. You will also get your BBS Thana Statistician Question Solution 2020, Statistics Investigator Question Solution 2020, Assistant Statistics Question Solution 2020, Enumerator Question Solution 2020, Short Hand cum Computer Operator Question Solution 2020, Technical operator Question Solution 2020, Junior Operator Question Solution 2020, Computer Typist Question Solution 2020, Data Control/Control Operator Question Solution 2020, and finally Book Binder Question Solution 2020. So to get all BBS post question solution, stay with us.

বাংলাদেশ পরিসংখ্যান ব্যুরোর (বিবিএস) ডাটা এন্ট্রি পদের পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্র-২০২০

English Part Solution

  1. Ans: Humorous
  2. Ans: It has been dazzling since morning.
  3. Ans: A verbose speech
  4. Ans: at
  5. Ans: for
  6. Ans:  made up of
  7. Ans: Phrase
  8. Ans: limited
  9. Ans: in time
  10. Ans: had left
  11. Ans: priority
  12. Ans: G B Shaw
  13. Ans: P B Shelly
  14. Ans: were
  15. Ans: You told me that I was right.
  16. Ans: These doors must be shut.
  17. Ans: falsify
  18. Ans: He is weak in mathematics.
  19. Ans: a
  20. Ans: Compound sentence

Math Part Solution

  1. Ans:
  2. Ans:
  3. Ans:
  4. Ans:
  5. Ans:
  6. Ans:
  7. Ans:
  8. Ans:
  9. Ans:
  10. Ans:
  11. Ans:
  12. Ans:
  13. Ans:
  14. Ans:
  15. Ans:

General Knowledge Part Solution

  1. Ans:
  2. Ans:
  3. Ans:
  4. Ans:
  5. Ans:
  6. Ans:
  7. Ans:
  8. Ans:
  9. Ans:
  10. Ans:
  11. Ans:
  12. Ans:
  13. Ans:
  14. Ans:
  15. Ans:
  16. Ans:
  17. Ans:
  18. Ans:

Bangla Part Solution

54.Ans: ক থেকে ম

55.Ans: দাশু রায়

56.Ans: মঙ্গলকাব্যের কবি

57.Ans: মৃত্যুক্ষুধা

58.Ans: আত্মীয়

59.Ans: মুক্তি

60.Ans: বন

61.Ans: কৃত্রিম

62.Ans: মোমবাতি

63.Ans: দুর্নিবার

64.Ans: পরার্থে

65.Ans: সংস্কৃত মূল

66.Ans: কলুষিত

67.Ans: নির্মলেন্দু গুণ

68.Ans: শুদ্ধিপত্র

69.Ans: নিশীথিনী

70.Ans: কর্মধারয় সমাস

সমাধানের কাজ চলছে তাই আমাদের সাথেই থাকুন

বাংলাদেশ পরিসংখ্যান ব্যুরোর (বিবিএস) পরিসংখ্যান সহকারী পদের পরীক্ষার প্রশ্নপত্র-২০২০

Bangla Part Solution

  1. Ans:হাতী
  2. Ans: সধবার একাদশী
  3. Ans:ফারসি
  4. Ans:৩২ টি
  5. Ans:সংস্কৃতি কথা
  6. Ans:সম্যকভাবে
  7. Ans:ফেরদৌসী
  8. Ans:প্রোজ্জ্বল
  9. Ans: ১৮৫৮
  10. Ans:পায়ের আওয়াজ পাওয়া যায়
  11. Ans:স্বয়ং
  12. Ans:নজরুল ইসলাম বাবু
  13. Ans:স্তুতি
  14. Ans:চলৎ+ চিত্র
  15. Ans:চ ,ছ
  16. Ans:ধ্বনিতত্ত্ব
  17. Ans:ময়ূখ
  18. Ans:অসংবৃত
  19. Ans:বৃন্দাবন দাস
  20. Ans:শামসুর রাহমান

English Part Solution

  1. Ans: Misspell
  2. Ans: Willingly
  3. Ans:Infant
  4. Ans: Disobey
  5. Ans:give me a hand
  6. Ans: Opening the door.
  7. Ans:Cholera
  8. Ans: Harmonize :Balance
  9. Ans: We are pleased with him.
  10. Ans:from
  11. Ans: oases
  12. Ans:Victorian
  13. Ans:Had I the wings of bird!
  14. Ans:new rich
  15. Ans: was
  16. Ans: avoid
  17. Ans: Humor
  18. Ans: Spread out
  19. Ans:T. S. Eliot
  20. Ans: with

Math Part Solution

  1. Ans: ৪০ লিটার
  2. Ans:৫০% লাভে
  3. Ans:৭৫ টাকা
  4. Ans:৩৫, ১০
  5. Ans:৫৮৫
  6. Ans: 3m
  7. Ans:-9
  8. Ans:x – 5
  9. Ans: 0
  10. Ans:2n + 1
  11. Ans:24
  12. Ans:স্থুলকোণ
  13. Ans:120 ডিগ্রি
  14. Ans:উত্তরঃ 9
  15. Ans:১৯২


General Knowledge Part Solution

  1. Ans:পাকিস্তান
  2. Ans:৪ দফা
  3. Ans:৫৭ তম
  4. Ans: ০২
  5. Ans:ব্রাসেলস
  6. Ans:ইশ্বরচন্দ্র বিদ্যাসাগর
  7. Ans:বৌদ্ধ সভ্যতা
  8. Ans:১৯৭১ সালের ১৭ এপ্রিল
  9. Ans:কি-বোর্ড
  10. Ans:চুড়ান্ত ভূমিকম্প
  11. Ans:বুরুন্ডি
  12. Ans:দুহা
  13. Ans:আটলান্টিক ও প্রশান্ত মহাসাগরকে
  14. Ans:মার্কো পোলো
  15. Ans:১০ টি

Junior Statistical Assistant Question Solution


bbs question solution bbs mcq question

BBS MCQ Question Image

You will find BBS MCQ exam question below. Below this question image we will give the answer. So read our article very carefully and follow our question answer. Hopefully you will get the solution one hour later the exam.

English Part Solution

  1. Ans:
  2. Ans: C. Accessible
  3. Ans: A. to
  4. Ans: C. Abul Kalam Azad
  5. Ans: A. Heartening
  6. Ans: D.He is a perfect judge.
  7. Ans: D. Common
  8. Ans: Mostly
  9. Ans: D. Habituate
  10. Ans: B. had left
  11. Ans: D. USA
  12. Ans: B. of
  13. Ans: A. Abundance
  14. Ans:
  15. Ans: B.She swam across the river.
  16. Ans: A. ban
  17. Ans: B. Did you do
  18. Ans: D. Ernest Hemingway
  19. Ans: C. Myself
  20. Ans: A. first speech

General Knowledge Part Solution

  1. উত্তর: C.১৯৬৬ সালের ৫ ফেব্রুয়ারি
  2. উত্তর: B. ২০২০
  3. উত্তর: A.১৭টি
  4. উত্তর: C.৪ বছর
  5. উত্তর: B.প্যারিস
  6. উত্তর: A. সৈয়দ মাইনুল হোসেন
  7. উত্তর: B.২০২১
  8. উত্তর: D. ১৭৫জন
  9. উত্তর: B.৭২.৩
  10. উত্তর: A. United Nations Development Programme
  11. উত্তর: C.৮টি
  12. উত্তর: C.বঙ্গবন্ধু শেখ মুজিবুর রহমান
  13. উত্তর:B.রিয়াদ
  14. উত্তর: C.১০ বছর
  15. উত্তর: B.১৬ ডিসেম্বর ১৯৭২

Bangla Part Solution

  1. উত্তর: B.সম্+বিধান
  2. উত্তর: A.পিপীলিকা
  3. উত্তর: C.সোনায় সোহাগা
  4. উত্তর: C.উষর
  5. উত্তর: B.নি
  6. উত্তর: D.ধ্বনি
  7. উত্তর: A.নকশী কাথার মাঠ
  8. উত্তর: C.শওকত ওসমান
  9. উত্তর: C.অগ্নিবীণা
  10. উত্তর: C.অসম্ভব ঘটনা
  11. উত্তর: C.৩৯টি
  12. উত্তর: C.রবীন্দ্রনাথ ঠাকুর
  13. উত্তর: A.৩প্রকার
  14. উত্তর: A.মতিচূর
  15. উত্তর: D.স্থায়ী
  16. উত্তর: A.গাল
  17. উত্তর: B.জন+এক
  18. উত্তর: D.প্রত্যুৎপন্নমতি
  19. উত্তর: B.নিষ্ঠুর
  20. উত্তর: D.ব্রাহ্মীলিপি

Math Part Solution

  1. উত্তর: A.১১০
  2. উত্তর: C.১২ মিটার
  3. উত্তর: D.২:১
  4. উত্তর: A.৪ বছর
  5. উত্তর: B.৫/৯
  6. উত্তর: C.১৮ বছর
  7. উত্তর: C.১০০ টাকা
  8. উত্তর: B. ১০
  9. উত্তর: D.২০:৩৫:৪২
  10. উত্তর: D.২৫
  11. উত্তর: B.২৮%
  12. উত্তর: A.সুক্ষকোণ
  13. উত্তর: A.a3-8b3-6a2b+12ab2
  14. উত্তর: D.৩৪
  15. উত্তর: A.২.৫৪ সেন্টিমিটার

BBS Exam Date and Time

For your benefits we have given below Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) various post exam time and date.

Post NameExam Date and Time
Junior Statistical Assistant3rd January 2020
Short Hand cum Computer Operator11th January 2020
Technical operator
Junior Operator
Thana Statistician
Statistics Investigator
Assistant Statistics17th January 2020
Computer Typist
Data Control/Control Operator
Book Binder

BBS Question Solution 2020

This year BBS exam will be taken by third step first one will be held on 3rd January 2020. The post name is Junior Statistical Assistant. The exam will start on 10am to 11am. The exam duration is one hour. At least one lakh thirty two applicants will appear from one corner to other corner of our country. The Junior Statistical Assistant exam will be held on about sixty nine exam centers of Dhaka city. By our experience we see that after the exam most of the candidates search in google to get their question solution. Don’t worry you will get BBS Question Solve 2020 in our website.

BBS Question Solve 2020

When you will finish your exam then one hour later you will get your BBS Question Solve. Because we will give the full question solution just one later the exam. We always try to give hundred percent right answers. My dear we give the answer by part by part so that you can find your answer easily. We can say that our website is the best site getting the exam question solution.

Some special Advice for BBS Examinee

Candidates will be given answer sheet.  Candidates will write their names, district and registration number in the answer box, fill in the respective circles with the ballpoint pen in Kali and sign the spot in the prescribed order under the direction of the inspectors. Question paper will be given.  The questionnaire will have the set number printed on the answer sheet.  On receipt of the questionnaire, the candidates will be sure that he / she has received the questionnaire of the same color of the set and number given. The experiment will be over. The examiners will stay in their respective seats.  Inspectors will accept answer sheets.  After the inspectors comprehend the answer sheet, the examiners will leave the exam room.  The candidates will take the question paper. The candidates cannot carry any kind of electronic devices during the exam in the hall.

Dear if you want to get all other government and non-government job question solution , subscribe our website BD CIRCULAR ZONE and if you want to know to us about Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) MCQ Question Solution 2020,comment in the following comment box. We will try to answer your question. Stay with us soon will come to you a new post. Thank you very much.

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