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NU Degree Admission Result 2023

National University Degree 1st Year (Pass) Admission Result will be announced soon. Stay with us for latest update.

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National University Degree admission 1st and 2nd Merit List result 2022-2023. NU Degree Admission  Result 2023 will announce soon. The candidates can find degree admission result in the official website of nu.ac.bd/admissions. On the result publishing day the applicants can check their Degree admission result by this post. We will provide all kinds of information about result like migration result and quota result. Those of the students do not get merit list no tension later for them there is release slip. To get the NU Degree pass admission result first of all read our post very carefully.

NU Degree Admission Result 2023

The time to publish the National University (NU) Degree Admission Result is approaching, and students should be prepared to check their results. The Bangladesh National University is often referred to as the Parent University. Many colleges in our country operate under its direct supervision. Interestingly, this university doesn’t have its own campus with students; it primarily oversees the functioning of affiliated colleges. This university was established approximately twenty-nine years ago.

Every year, a significant number of students aspire to secure admission to colleges affiliated with this university. After completing their HSC level education, many students dream of entering a public university. For those who don’t get that opportunity, National University becomes a preferred choice for further education.

Degree Admission 1st Merit List Result

According to the notice, the NU Degree admission 1st Merit List result will be released on a specific date. Fortunately, students won’t have to wait for an extended period to access their results. Typically, results are expected to be available around 4 pm. Based on previous results, National University tends to publish them simultaneously. Once students secure a place in the first merit list, they can start the admission form fill-up process from a specified date. To access the results, students should visit the official NU website and obtain a print copy to fill in all the necessary information details.

Degree Admission 2nd Merit Result

Admission result is very important of our student life. It is important in this sense that the admission of a student totally depend on this result. National University Degree admission 2nd merit list result is necessary for those students who are not selected in 1st merit list. They have to looks for 2nd merit list result. But if a student is not admitted after selected in 1st merit list, he has to apply for a release slip.

Degree Migration Result

We know that 1st migration result is published along with 2nd merit list. Migration is a system by which you can change subject on the basis of result. Remember that by migration system subject has changed on your subject choice. Migration never move in the bottom line but always top line. However in this part the students can check NU Degree Migration Result.

How to get Degree Admission Result 2023

The interested candidates can find out their Degree Admission Result by two ways. In our post we will discuss all ways.

NU Degree Admission Result 2022-2023 Online

By the benefits of internet we can be able to check all kind of result within few seconds. We hope we also check result very quickly by follow below steps.

  • First of all open your browser and visit nu.edu.bd/admissions or app1.nu.edu.bd
  • Now click on “Degree Pass” Option
  • At this time press on “Applicant’s Login” option
  • Write “Applicant Roll Number and Pin Number” on the related box
  • Finally click on “Login” option.

NU Degree Admission Result by SMS

Mobile phone is very wonder in the modern age. If you have a mobile phone, the whole world is near to you. By the mobile phone we have completed many complicated task. However by the mobile phone we will see result.


For Example: NU atdg 123456 send to 16222.

Degree Release Slip Result

Those who apply for 1st year honors admission in National University will not get a chance in 1st and 2nd merit list, they will get the opportunity to apply to 5 colleges again, and this application is called application in release slip. For those who don’t even get a chance in the second merit list, all the guidelines are given. Those of the students do not get any subject by a point or canceled admission or not admitted distributed subjects. They can get admitted to a college by release clip in five colleges.

Finally, we can say that you will get all information about NU Degree Admission Result, if you subscribe our website and if you want to know to us more about the Final Application Form, comment in the following comment box. We will try to answer your question. Stay with us soon will come to you with a new post for the students. No more today and thank you very much.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) – NU Degree Admission Result 2022-2023:

Q1: When will the NU Degree Admission Result 2023 be announced? A1: The NU Degree Admission Result 2023 is expected to be announced soon. Stay tuned for updates.

Q2: Where can I check the Degree Admission Result? A2: You can check the Degree Admission Result on the official NU website at nu.edu.bd/admissions or app1.nu.edu.bd.

Q3: How can I check the result online? A3: To check the result online, follow these steps:

  • Visit nu.edu.bd/admissions or app1.nu.edu.bd.
  • Click on the “Degree Pass” option.
  • Select “Applicant’s Login.”
  • Enter your Roll Number and Pin Number.
  • Click on “Login” to view your result.

Q4: Can I check the result via SMS? A4: Yes, you can check the result via SMS. Send a message in the following format: NU <SPACE> ATDG <SPACE> “ROLL NUMBER” to 16222. For example, NU atdg 123456 send to 16222.

Q5: What is the Degree Release Slip Result? A5: The Degree Release Slip Result is an opportunity for students who did not secure admission in the 1st and 2nd merit lists. They can apply to five colleges again through the release slip application for a chance at admission.

Q6: How can I apply for the Degree Release Slip? A6: Information regarding the application for the Degree Release Slip will be provided for students who do not get admission in the 2nd merit list. They can follow the guidelines provided for this process.

Q7: Where can I find more information about the Final Application Form? A7: For additional information about the Final Application Form or any other queries, you can comment in the comment box, and the website will try to provide answers to your questions.

Q8: How can I stay updated with the latest information about NU Degree Admission Result? A8: To stay updated with the latest information about NU Degree Admission Result and other related updates, you can subscribe to the website and regularly visit for new posts and announcements.

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